Why is a pair of socks sold for 1,500 yuan? Socks in the world shaken by the hand socks machine

Why is a pair of socks sold for 1,500 yuan?

"Socks in the world" shaken by the hand socks machine

"The Datang socks are ringing, and the next pair of socks."

"At present, there are more than 3,000 enterprises producing and processing socks in Datang, and more than 2,000 supporting enterprises. Among them, 135 enterprises with an annual sales of 20 million yuan or more, and 35 enterprises with annual sales exceeding 100 million yuan. Xu Hong, party secretary of Zhuji Datang Town, said, "At the most, 25.8 billion pairs of socks were produced a year. Nearly 7 billion people in the world can be divided into 4 pairs."

This small town, which relies on the hand-socks machine and the squatting hoe, together with the shop town next door, has become the most important platform for Zhuji's economic development.

Just yesterday, a large-scale joint interview group of the Hangzhou metropolitan area walked into a small town with an area of less than 10 square kilometers, focusing on the "world socks capital."

The profit of creative design is 500 times that of a pair of ordinary socks.

There are four or five different kinds of socks on a two-square-meter table, and the patterns on each pair of socks are also different. In the corner of the exhibition hall, there are also visitors who carefully compare the socks.

“The market price of this pair of socks is 1,500 yuan.” The commentator said, “In addition to the more precious materials, there are currently cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and designs.”

Not only that, but also the aramid 1414 independently developed by Zhejiang Yiyi Socks. “This is a sock made of raw materials for bulletproof vests. It is 10 times more secure than ordinary socks. It is the first in China.” The person in charge said, “Each pair of socks sells for up to 150 yuan, mainly used in special industries such as military, fire fighting, and logging.”

“The best time, the profit per pair of socks is only two triangles. And in order to suppress the price, the customer will become more and more critical. If I think the profit is low, the other person can turn to find another foundry.” Founded 8 years ago. Chen Renyong, the sock factory, founded Chuangmei Culture Communication Co., Ltd. in September last year. “The profit of a pair of socks designed by the company can be 500 times that of a pair of ordinary socks. We also do different functions for other directions. Sports socks. Now mainly sold through the Internet, customers can also choose color and graphics on the Internet, and even we can provide customization."

The transformation of these sock industry "intelligence" has been everywhere in Datang Town.

Entering the first floor of the intelligent station, the first thing that comes to mind is the 6F automatic “weaving and sewing inspection” intelligent one-piece socks machine independently developed by Zhejiang Hairun Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. “This is the first (set) smart sock machine in China. It adopts Internet intelligent technology to achieve the effects of visualization of production process, customization of product requirements and integration of process management.” The person in charge of Hairun Machinery introduced the socks made with this equipment. The product quality has reached the international advanced level. “A worker can manage more than 30 sets of equipment at the same time, which can reduce labor employment by more than 70%.”

According to the sales of 70,000 yuan per unit, the profit per device can reach 20,000 yuan and the tax revenue is 10,000 yuan.

At present, Hairun Machinery has applied for 43 patents of various types, including 27 national invention patents and 16 utility model patents. Today, the first batch has been put on the market with 50 units and signed orders of 1,000 units.

This is just a microcosm of the transformation and upgrading of Zhuji.

Zhuji established the first innovative service platform in the province dedicated to special towns

The characteristic town is another way to transform and upgrade Zhuji.

Last year, Datang’s Socks Town was shortlisted for the creation of the first batch of characteristic towns in Zhejiang. “We plan to invest a total of 5.5 billion yuan, focusing on creating the three functional zones of Zhizhi Silicon Valley, Fashion Market and Zhongchuang Space, and building the sock town into the world's most advanced socks manufacturing center and the top hosiery culture center. The only sneaker theme landscape space and the only hosiery tourism destination.” Wang Qijun, the mayor of Datang Town, said that last month, the “World Socks Design Center” was officially launched in Datang.

Talking about the original intention of setting up the "World Socks Design Center", Wang Qijun bluntly said: "Design is the source of innovation, platform is the foundation of innovation, and talent is the foundation of innovation." In his view, the construction of characteristic towns is to let the local Industry, enterprises, and the people enjoy the results. The party committee and government of Datang Town set up a platform to strengthen support for brand design, product design, industrial design and other projects. Focusing on the needs of economic and social development, and focusing on cultivating a batch of breakthroughs can break through the key Leading talents in technology, leading the development of disciplines, and driving industrial transformation.

It is understood that this design center will focus on the transformation and upgrading of the sock industry and the goal of the construction of the sock town. It will organize the talents of textile and art design schools at home and abroad, and focus on the visual design, shape design and functional design of socks. The auxiliary socks industry enterprises solve the technical problems encountered in the research and development, design, production and other aspects, and transfer the outstanding results to the enterprise for industrialization.

“We shorten the distance between the company and the designer in terms of space and time, and minimize the cost of the enterprise in terms of innovative design. In this way, small and micro enterprises can also afford the designer.” In the socks industry think tank The data center and the person in charge of the center introduced that 532 designers from all over the country have been put into the library, and there are as many as 2,302 design works. Designers can upload the works, and the company searches for the intention design according to the needs, achieving zero-cost low-cost docking.

In the future, these more than 20 colleges and universities will cooperate with the socks and towns for a long time to cooperate with industry, academia and research institutes. More than 20 designers will be dispatched every month, and they will continue to work in the past, and design and release new products throughout the year.

Just last month, Zhuji established the first innovative service platform in the province dedicated to serving the characteristic towns.

“The platform relies on 5 centers (Textile Socks Technology R&D Center, Socks Product Quality Inspection Center, Textile Socks Creative Design Center, Science and Technology Achievement Transfer and Transformation Center, Textile Talent Education and Training Center) to carry out 'talent, discipline, research The production and operation of the 'five-in-one core public service.' According to the relevant person in charge of the Zhuji Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the innovative service platform has positive significance for the development of block economy, industrial clusters and characteristic towns.

The way Zhuji relies on the transformation of characteristic towns is also a microcosm of the industrial transformation of various cities and counties in Hangzhou metropolitan area and even Zhejiang.

At present, Zhejiang's first 37 characteristic towns have attracted more than 3,300 enterprises, with an investment of 48 billion, of which 5 towns have invested more than 2 billion.

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