Good Quality Terry & Plain Computerized Socks Knitting Machine

Good Quality Terry & Plain Computerized Socks Knitting Machine
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full computerized high speed socks knitting machine 
production capacity:300-350pairs of socks per day 

ModleNeedle CylinderMain ProductNo.of needles and needle selectionsTechnical specification
WH-6F-B3 3/4inch plain sock machineThe machine noe only can make the orindary socks that in the market but also can make make socks like rabbit hair.sheep woolen and other material made scoks Three-dimensional patternTerry:72-168N
6needle selection Can choose thick needle,fine needle
Terry maximum speed:230RPM
Sock body speed:280RPM
Knitting heel:250RPM
plain maximum speed:Sock body speed:320RPM
Knitting heel speed:270RPM
13 adding yarn shuttles,eight pneumatic shuttles in yarn line.automatic yarn in











Funtion introduction feeder into yarn
2.Elestic shuttle(can buy two) knit different colors
3.Six colors in one line,there are 13 colors in the socks pattern
4.High heel,big heel,small heel,180 degree against sock mouth,two colors for sock heels,soks toes,can knit 3D socks
5.Taking the double shovel-needle technology,when knitting the heel and toe,the angle is adjusted by computer In this way,can improve the efficiency,overcome the shortcoming of sigle Shovel—needIe
6.The maximum horizontal stroke pulls is 39cm