What Should I Do If The Embroidery Machine Freezes?

What should I do if the embroidery machine freezes?

Computerized embroidery machine is the most advanced embroidery machine in the contemporary era. It can make traditional manual embroidery achieve high speed and efficiency, and also can achieve "multi-level, multi-function, uniformity and perfection" that manual embroidery cannot achieve. Claim. It is an electromechanical product embodying a variety of high-tech technologies. However, the computer embroidery machine will "hang" during operation. Let us analyze this problem:


The status of the computer embroidery machine is “frozen”: the computer embroidery machine has a needle bar stuck in place (the embroidery frame does not move) during the work, but the pull rod stops, the button fails, or the machine stops in a certain state, and no operation can be performed. . The main causes of crashes are the following:


First, interference


1. Interference sources from the neutral line:

干扰 The interference of the power supply of the system mainly comes from the neutral line. If the user cannot provide a standard and reliable neutral line, the interference from the neutral line will immediately occur. In the design of the electronic control power supply, we have avoided the interference caused by the neutral line in the three-phase 380V power supply system, but in the case of using 220V power supply, because the neutral line must be used, such as the unreasonable wiring of the neutral line, If the diameter is not enough, it may cause interference to the system. Therefore, customers must be required to provide a standard and reasonably wired neutral wire.


2. Other interference:

Computerized embroidery machine is a complex system that combines electrical control with machinery and implements multiple components. In order to avoid mutual interference between components and ensure the stable, reliable and safe operation of the system, we have adopted complete shielding measures. In order to achieve effective shielding, we must require Customers provide standard ground. If there is no reliable ground connection, the system may crash.


2. The signal cables and connectors are loose

After the machine has been transported for a long distance or has been running for a long time, it may cause loose cables or unreliable connector contact. In this way, it may cause crashes during system communication. Although this situation is extremely rare, it should be used during machine maintenance and repair. Pay attention to the inspection of the connector.


3. The number of stitches stored in memory exceeds the allowable value

When there are too many patterns to be input and the memory capacity is insufficient, the system may freeze. At this time, please check the number of pins in the memory, store the temporarily unused patterns in the floppy disk, clear out the unused patterns, and ensure the running space of the memory.