What Is The Working Principle Of Knitting Machine

What is the working principle of knitting machine

There are many types of machine, 1, according to the classification of the needle cylinder, can be divided into single needle Jane hosiery machine and double needle machines two. According to the organizational structure of the classification can be divided into socks, jacquard hosiery machine, embroidery machines, terry socks etc.. At present, 2 wearing socks, although the length, material, size and structure of socks are different, but the composition of the section is roughly the same as that of an ordinary socks is mainly composed of the following segments, the process in order to satisfy these different sections of the knitting needle socks, requires the machine can be used unidirectional movement and reciprocating motion, and fast, slow and weaving section transform automatic control movement. Structure 3, hosiery machine can be divided into the following sections: (1) transmission parts: fast and slow driving wheel driving wheel, wheel switch. (2) control part: there are push plate, disc, chain disk, large support plate, small support plate, clutch and so on. (3) knitting parts: needle barrel, braided triangle, needle holder, needle holder, scissors and so on. (4) to the yarn pulling part: supporting frame, yarn tension device, yarn shuttle etc.. (5) color part: needle roller, needle plate, sheet, Slyder jacquard, jacquard yarn guide etc.. (6) density adjustment part: total density adjustment screw, density regulating rack and so on.

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