What Is The Classification Of Hosiery Machine

What is the classification of hosiery machine

According to the classification of hosiery machine, knitting hosiery machine needle and needle type (bed) classification number. Flat hosiery machine number is high, the production according to the foot, leg shape, change the section width of the flat sheet after being stitched into socks, seamed stockings. The scope of machine, circular hosiery machine has a wide tubular blank by changing the size of the coil section, or the use of elastic yarn, knitted socks, socks or other methods to meet with pediform. The sock heads of tubular socks are closed to form seamless socks. Flat knitting production efficiency is low, the current widely used circular hosiery machine. Hosiery machine structure hosiery machine mainly by the yarn feeding mechanism, weaving mechanism, selecting mechanism, control mechanism, transmission mechanism, density adjusting mechanism and pulling mechanism. There are some socks mouth and folding mechanism. Flat ring shift mechanism and hosiery machine.

The function of the yarn feeding mechanism is to move the yarn from the cheese into the weaving area, with two types of negative and positive. The negative yarn is made by pulling the yarn out of the cheese by tension. Although tension and tension compensation device control the tension and the output, the yarn tension is still quite different. The active yarn uses a special device to send the yarn into the weaving area at a constant linear speed, with little difference in yarn tension.

The mechanism of knitting is to weave the yarn into a tubular sock or flat sock. Knitting elements hosiery machine with needles, sinkers, guide and triangle etc.. There are flat hosiery machine needles, stitch and yarn sheet, unseating piece, guide and tablet etc.. Knitting hosiery machine configuration on the needle cylinder, the yarn guide is fixed on the needle cylinder around the yarn in knitting area. There are several lines called a few road, there are 1 ~ 12, the number of higher productivity. When the needle barrel rotates, the tongue needle is moved up and down by the action of the triangle, and is weaved by a yarn guide pad. In knitting with socks, socks, the needle in knitting receiving and putting needles by needle and needle device, so as to form a pouch. Flat knitting hosiery machine column is fixedly arranged on the needle bed, moving with a needle. Of yarn guide needle moving along with the bending, yarn sheet, divider and unseating the weaving piece.

The function of the control mechanism is to control the relevant parts in or out of the work during the process of knitting a sock, and to control the speed of the syringe, the speed and the direction of the steering, and the length of the socks. The function of the transmission mechanism is to make the mechanism move according to the predetermined law. Cylinder circular hosiery machine not only for unidirectional and bidirectional rotary, rotary knitting with socks, socks to. Needle selection mechanism is the role of the pre design, in accordance with the requirements are arranged in the needle selection device, through transmission parts, according to certain procedures to make the needle weaving. The density adjusting mechanism is the role of regulation in various sections of knitting socks when density, this is done by changing the relative position of the needle and sinker sinking depth adjustment. The pull mechanism is used to draw the formed coils from the weaving area with the aid of heavy weights, rollers, and air currents during the weaving process.

From the mouth and folding mechanism in the end in the socks began to weave is wireless ring case, and when knitting socks fold to a certain length, the single-layer folded into double socks, the socks with good flexibility, no curling, is generally used to hook socks complete. The main function of the transfer mechanism is to transfer the coil from one needle to the other by moving the coil, so as to change the knitting width of the sock.

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