What Is A Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

What is a computerized flat knitting machine

The computerized flat knitting machine is a double-needle latch needle and weft knitting machine. Its cam device is like a set of flat cams. The stitches of the knitting needle can enter the groove of the cam and move the triangle to force the knitting needle to make regular movements in the needle groove of the needle plate, and pass the movement of the needle hook and the needle tongue. , The yarn can be knitted into knitted fabrics. When the knitting needle is ascending, the loop gradually exits the needle hook, opens the needle tongue, and hangs on the needle bar; when the knitting needle descends, the needle hook hooks the yarn in the new pad and pulls it Bent into loops, while the original loops are detached from the needle hook, the new loops pass through the old loops and are connected in series with the old loops. Numerous woven loops are connected to each other to form a knitted fabric.

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