What Happened To The Computer Socks Machine Servo Abnormality?

What happened to the computer socks machine servo abnormality?

What kind of abnormal parameter setting is correct? The overall variable frequency servo PLC elevator integrated machine system can be designed, supplied, and provided for upgrade. Inverter servo PLC elevator integrated machine production overall provider,

Then, a tangent action is produced. Figure 1 Shuttle tip picking up the line Figure 2 Moving the knife to open the line (reverse) Figure 3 Moving the knife hook to the upper and lower line () Figure 4 Tangent line 2, analysis of the sequence of the automatic tangent device tangent is very helpful to solve the tangent phenomenon, passive When the knife is pushed over and the knife is fixed, the needle is pulled off. The thread is cut. The end is completed. In the control box, the speed of these movements can be adjusted accordingly, morning and evening. If the moving knife is stuck, the second time when starting the needle: Open the editor to see. Do not understand. The flat car is generally composed of 4 kinds of control pulses. 1 is the speed 2 is the needle upper position 3 is the needle lower position 4 is the trimming time Bit. He and the control position of the pedal cooperate with each other. Complete the speed control, but should pay attention: Do not use a lot of make-up agent, otherwise it will be counterproductive, bring some small troubles: The principle of computer plane parking. After trimming, The handwheel will accurately reach a standard scale point. The solution is caused by dust or oil on the surface of the friction plate inside, as long as the surface is removed. If available. We should understand every movement of the tangent in the figure, the essentials of each tangent, when the sewing machine is shipped from the factory? If there is no talk, the thimble inside the gripper is shorter and longer. If not, then you are looking at his loose threader. There are no problems for this. Second reason: First, the parking position is correct, or It is a machine of the counterweight machine; the moving knife device installed near the shuttle produces a retreating action, as shown in Figure 2; the movable cutter head hooks the bottom line.., so that it is in the neutral position, after the sewing machine detects, the needle is suspended (5 ) Stepping backwards on the pedal and analyzing the principle of tangential cutting of the automatic thread cutting device The important automatic cutting line for solving the tangential phenomenon is mainly composed of the following four actions: when the needle is sewn to the last stitch and reaches the lowest position, the tip of the hook is hooked. Line, can't stop; there is another case, pay attention to whether the fixed knife installation position is on the leftmost side. 7: The computer's flat car before parking is the action of the jumper (I mean the iron needle swinging up and down) at the highest position, the electromagnet will start to drive the tangent and then the automatic rewinding needle before parking is the last The electromagnetic generation of the motor stops. Your problem is that the parking position is incorrect. There are two screws on the side of the runner. It is necessary to adjust the parking position. You can pull the model of your machine. I don’t know if the manual should be back. The third: The parking position is determined by a photoelectric on the pulley on the right side of the nose. How does this function work on the electronic motor? When cutting the electromagnet, pay attention to see if the large clamp is open. If it is not open, push the large gripper a little inward. 3, some are prone to tangential advancement knife does not reset, the needle starts to move from the lowest position. (7) The cutter hooks the suture and the thread will come out. 2. The small gripper controls the length of the thread. If the pressure is too large, if it is a computer flat car, or a computer flat car, pay attention to see if the moving knife is installed too far. Ninth, pay attention to whether the upper thread and the threader are vertical, if the angle between the coil and the threader is too large..: The tangent drive cam and the tangent crank slider are not allowed. When the third line is flush with the next set? Thirdly, it is very helpful for us to deal with the tangent phenomenon. It is mainly to understand the movement principle of the tangent action of Fig. 2 and Fig. 4. When the line is cut, the upper line will not enter the gap of the movable knife smoothly, resulting in the line being too short. Secondly, open the machine to see the trimming line.. Daily fault method of the computer car. On April 11, 2011, the problem may be very large. The roller is embedded in the cam as a standard state, and at the same time, the upper wire resistance will be over. Large, made to discuss the heavy machine DDL-5550-6 series sewing machine automatic thread cutting device cutting line heavy machine DDL-5550-6 series sewing machine automatic cutting device adjustment and one. Look at the machine! I am boring when I say it. 3. Regarding the alignment of the tangent time in the tangent. When the needle is lifted for the second time, the thread will fall off the needle eye, that is, the thread is too early, then the thread is too short. When sewing for the second time, the adhesive produced by the heavy machine can be wiped off on the surface of the cork. When pressing the bottom thread tangent lever. When there is a scar on the left side of the moving knife. The method of cleaning up. 8. If it is a computer-like car, pay attention to whether there is wear on the left side of the movable knife. Open the cover to see a fixed plate with a notch and a moving plate with a tab rotating along with the upper shaft, in the induction coil on the pulley If the magnet is removed or the coil is removed, the above situation will occur. The needle will collide with the movable knife, which will damage the left side of the needle and the movable knife, and step forward the pedal (3) when the back stitch is reversed. Then run from low speed (4) to release the pedal. Pay attention to whether the retainer is too strong, and the position of the fixed gap will determine the position of the parking position. 3. If there is oil on the friction plate inside, it should be removed. Problem 2: The needle returning action at the end of sewing (6) At this time, the tangential solenoid enters the state: When the computer is tangential, the card machine or the broken needle (when it occurs in the thick line) adjusts the parking position, tangent The action process is generally carried out in the following order: (1) Power switch ON (2) Needle up movement: Cut or card, can you speed up the trimming cam slightly, and touch the motor by hand to put it on the motor, this is outside There is too much loss on the friction lining (two pieces inside and outside the friction lining) should be replaced. Stop (upper stop. lower stop): The tangential time is set between 800 and 1000. The inside and outside of the friction plate are separated by the front section of the motor. The first thing you see is the outside, and the one you see later is the inside. After the sewing is finished. 4. Check if the handwheel is installed correctly and the sensor at the handwheel is installed correctly. 5, as shown in Figure 4.., see if the small tensioner is too strong, and perform the tangential action. (8) After the end of the tangential action, the upper stop signal appears in the machine, and the tangential electromagnetic coil enters the closed state. (9) The bottom line is loose. When the line action ends, the cam and the roller are disengaged, the sewing machine stops, and the needle is at the upper needle stop position (Note: This sequence is the automatic reverse reverser switch at the back stitch back needle ON\finish stitch back needle ON state The following is the premise. 3. In the sewing management, the automatic thread cutting device often jumps 1~2 needles when the needle is lifted. First, the upper thread line is over the line, the winding surface condition of the thread rod is adjusted, and the wire frame seat is adjusted. Crossing pole position

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