What Are The Working Environment Requirements Of The Embroidery Machine

What are the working environment requirements of the embroidery machine

The working environment of the embroidery machine includes the physical environment and the electrical environment. Generally, the plant with a normal physical environment can meet the conditions. Don't be too dry or too humid. The temperature is 0-50 degrees Celsius and the relative temperature is 30% -70%. Ventilation is good, high electrical requirements require voltage stability, it is best to install a transformer, the working voltage is generally 380V or 220V, 110V is used abroad, the working power is generally 1.5KW to 2KW, single head machine is generally 500W. The current generated at the moment of switching on and off is much larger than that during stable operation. Frequent switching will cause excessive heating or system overload, which will reduce the service life of the embroidery machine. It should also be noted.

(1) When all pins are in the high position, do not turn the dial by hand;

(2) The pin cannot be jogged when it is in the high position, otherwise it will easily get stuck;

3 (3) Do the preparations before driving the trolley, wear the bottom thread, choose the pattern to be embroidered, choose the working mode that matches the pattern, and the appropriate embroidery parameters;

(4) Check whether all pins are lowered before driving the lever. If not, you should manually lower all the pins first, and then pull the rod to drive, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the machine or leakage;

(5) When embroidering sequins, the switch of the sequin device should be set to the upper position, otherwise the sequin device will not rise and fall automatically;

(6) The air pressure of the sequin device should be appropriate. If it is too small, it cannot be automatically raised and lowered. If it is too large, the sequin device may be damaged. Do not move casually after adjusting the air pressure;

7 (7) Each time you make a new three-in-one combination pattern, after setting the starting point for embroidery, you should check the frame first, so as to avoid overhanging the frame when the left and right heads are switched, and damage the sequin device or head;

(8) When making embroidery with tape embroidery and zigzag embroidery, first loosen the upper thread on the machine head and the tape (or zigzag core wire) on the reel, and at the same time raise all the pins to the high position. Put the robot in a non-working state, and then back up, otherwise there is a possibility of tearing the fabric. After finishing the embroidery, first arrange all the reels (or zigzag core wires) on the reels, put the pins down, install the manipulator to the work position, and then pull the rod to drive;

9 (9) When embroidering the embroidery, after pressing the embroidery function key, all the cloth clamps should be released before moving the embroidery frame, otherwise the fabric will be easily torn. After changing the frame, clamp the fabric in front, press the jog key to leave the needle and pins away from the fabric, and then clamp the fabric clamp at the back, so that the clamped fabric is relatively flat;

(10) After each pattern is embroidered, all the cloth clamps must be placed on the two corners of the front of the platen when removing the cloth clamps, not on the thread stand or behind the platen, so as not to catch the cloth on the fabric Or fall into the gap between the connecting plates of the platen, causing damage to the cloth surface or the machine;