These Problems Are The Employees Need To Pay Attention To In The Operation Of The Machine

As everyone knows, hosiery machine is belongs to the product of a class of mechanical equipment, so it requires operation in the process of use of the employees to pay attention to some problems in the operation of the process, so that it can better ensure the safety operation of the safety and the operation of its own staff. So, in the process of operation in which the problem is Waji employees need to pay attention to it?

In the process of machine operation, first of all to pay attention to the operation staff point is that at the time of the operation must be strictly carried out in accordance with the operating rules, the only way to ensure the safety of operation, but also to ensure that later produced products are in conformity with the requirements, it is very important.

In addition to the above said, in the course of the operation if the work is interrupted or maintenance after completion, to promptly cut off the power supply, and also need to organize facilities in the work finished, ready to maintain a good working tool, construction area neat, to do the work finished material net site net, civilization maintenance.

The questions above are some problems that need to pay attention to the employees in the process of hosiery machine operation, only pay attention to these problems, to ensure the safety of operation, and post production out of the effect.