These Necessary Rules And Regulations Need To Be Established In The Use Of Hosiery Machines.

Safety is the primary consideration in the use of any mechanical equipment. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the operators and the effect of the operation, it is necessary to establish the following rules and regulations in the use of the hosiery loom.

Formulate equipment operation and maintenance regulations. In the operation process of hosiery loom, the first need to establish some rules and regulations is, according to the use of equipment, the use of its need to develop a certain operation and maintenance procedures, in order to better ensure that equipment can bring long service life.

Establish a responsibility system for equipment use. In addition to the operation and maintenance procedures mentioned above, the hosiery loom also needs to establish equipment responsibility system in the use process, which can ensure that employees can operate more carefully in the operation process, and prevent employees from operating at will, resulting in unnecessary safety accidents.

Of course, in addition to the aforementioned aspects, there must be more rules and regulations in the operation of the hosiery loom, only in this way can the use of equipment in the process of better guarantee its effectiveness, but also to reduce the probability of potential safety hazards.

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