The Development History Of Hosiery Machine

The development history of hosiery machine

In 1589 the British hosiery machine, Li Faming first knitting machines, weaving forming socks with crochet knitting machine production of socks.

Knitting machine for producing socks.

In 1589, the British W. Li invented the first knitting machine, using crochet knitting out forming socks. In 1849, the single cylinder circular hosiery machine caused by tongue acupuncture began to be used in small diameter circular knitting machine. The original production cut hosiery until 1857, woven with a sock heel and the sock head socks. In 1864 the British invention of cotton (W. cotton crochet knitting flat knitting machine). 1900 double cylinder circular hosiery machine with double headed needle used in small diameter circular knitting machine, rib socks. Knitting socks hosiery machine available specialized agencies, or by other machines manually transferred to hosiery machine. Stocking with socks, stockings, high heels, foot (including a sole and a heel side), and the first section reinforcement Socks by knitting hosiery machine.

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