The Classification Of Hosiery Machine

The classification of hosiery machine

Hosiery machine can be divided into flat socks and hosiery machine two categories. Flat hosiery machine products are sheet forming socks, socks will be sewing pieces which are commonly used to knit socks, stockings, because of low productivity, rarely used. Product for forming hosiery machine cylindrical socks, hosiery machine can be divided into single cylinder and double cylinder two categories. The hosiery machine classification is introduced as follows:

Single cylinder sock knitting machine

Prime rib knit socks, striped socks socks.

The fold flat knitting socks stockings and knee stockings.

Monochrome embroidered embroidery hosiery machine hosiery machine (such as Z506, double color embroidery hosiery knitter) (such as Z507, Z507A, knitter) or two-color embroidered knitted socks.

Double color jacquard knitting jacquard hosiery machine (such as Z501, three color jacquard socks (socks) such as Z503, knitted hosiery machine) two or three color embroidery socks.

Jacquard embroidery woven jacquard embroidery socks and hosiery machine.

Terry socks knitting terry socks.

Straight rib hosiery machine under different hosiery machine of this type can be woven rubber cuff, single and double false rib cuff socks.

Single program automatic hosiery machine can knit one step forming socks

Double cylinder hosiery machine

Prime rib knitted socks in a variety of hosiery machine.

Embroidery hosiery machine embroidery in the socks to rib.

Jacquard hosiery machine can knit two color, three color jacquard socks, can also be woven jacquard and concave convex composite tissue socks

Jacquard embroidery woven jacquard embroidery socks and hosiery machine

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