Magnificent 70 Years·Development Articles Socks Machine Innovation In The Development Of Datang Socks

Magnificent 70 years·Development articles|Socks machine innovation in the development of Datang Socks

The versatile socks we wear under our feet are inseparable from the sock machines that produce them. The development of Datang hosiery industry has promoted the innovation of socks machine, and the innovation of socks machine has promoted the development of hosiery industry.

Along the way, Datang people adhering to the spirit of "Zhuji Mutuo", from the transformation of the hand-socks machine, has successfully developed a small computer socks machine, a full computer socks machine and a socks machine. In just over 40 years, Datang Socks Machine has been able to compete with the world's most advanced socks machine from scratch, from excellent to imported, from import to output. The production of socks machine has become an important part of the industrial chain of Datang Socks. .

Starting from the transformation of the hand-socks machine

In the late 1970s, after China’s turmoil, China’s “destruction” became the top priority. At that time, the Grass Tower Socks Factory, Zhongjia Socks Factory, Dasong Socks Factory, and Chengshan Socks Factory were successively founded. The socks machines were purchased from other places.

In 1976, Zhang Jincan entered the Chengshan Socks Factory as a mechanic. The hand-cranked line machine used in the factory often has broken wires and other failures, and the production efficiency is low. Zhang Jincan, who used to be a math teacher, used his knowledge to repair and modify the sock machine, and the failure rate was greatly reduced. His reputation for repairing socks machines is getting louder and louder.

Socks Machine

At that time, a pair of nylon socks can sell a lot of money, and a labor force in the team tired and tired to work a day, only three or four cents of dividends! Some daring members secretly bought hand-socks from other places, doing "socialism" in the brigade during the day, making socks in their own homes at night, and quietly doing "capitalism."

Looking at the people who have socks machine to make big money, Zhang Jincan's relatives and friends can't sit still, eager to find him to help. What can I do if I can't afford a socks machine? Zhang Jincan converted a scrapped stocking machine into a nylon sock machine and made nylon stockings.

The sock machine is equal to the money making machine, and Zhang Jincan will reinvent the news of the nylon socks machine. The guests in his family came and went, often seeing the villagers squatting with chickens, ducks and fish to ask for a modified sock machine.

Using antique sock machine hosiery

As a result, farmers in the Datang area ran to Haining and other places, and received a batch of used wire socks machines at a price of 130 yuan each, and commissioned Zhang Jincan to convert into a nylon socks machine.

With money to earn together, Zhang Jincan is almost free to reform the socks machine for everyone, or only collect some time. For the anxious waiting villagers, they can use the modified socks machine one day earlier to start making money one day earlier. Zhang Jincan took the apprentices with enthusiasm, went to work during the day, and modified the nylon socks machine at home in the evening, often at 2 o'clock in the middle of the night, and the lights at home were still on.

"A modified hand-socking machine can make twenty or thirty pairs of socks a day, and can do up to fifty pairs. The machine that I changed here has basically become a million households." Zhang Jincan and the apprentices have been modified. More than 500 used wire socks machines helped hundreds of families in the villages of Datang to get rid of poverty and get the first bucket of gold.

Computer socks machine came into being

In the 1980s, Datang Socks developed rapidly, and the backward hand-socks machine could not meet the market demand. After the opening of the reform and opening up, more and more imported electric socks machines from South Korea, Japan, Italy, etc. appeared in the socks factory of Datang.

In 1984, Nanshan Village took the lead in purchasing electric sock machines in Zhuji, which greatly improved the work efficiency and increased the variety of colors. The following year, more than 2,000 electric socks machines were stationed in more than 20 villages near Datang. At that time, who had a hosiery machine, it was like a printing machine, and it was very delicious.

Socks Machine 2

That is, in 1985, Zhang Zhongguang closed the barber shop at the intersection of Hangjin Line and Shaoda Line, and transformed the stocking machine accessories store, named "Public Store". The name of the store is a pun, and the name refers to his son's name. The second refers to serving the public.

At that time, the accessories of the socks machine were purchased from state-owned or collective enterprises. However, the state-owned enterprises were produced according to plan, and the back door was opened for purchase. There are a large number of socks machine demand in the Datang area, and it is very inconvenient for the business owners to buy socks machines from Shanghai and other places.

Why not make your own socks machine? Zhang Zhongguang bought several electric sock machines from Shanghai Qifang Machinery Factory, studied with his son Zhang Volkswagen, and set up a full-scale computer socks machine factory.

In 1995, Fengzu Computer Socks Machine Factory and Zhejiang University jointly developed a small computer socks machine. In 1999, he cooperated with Hangzhou Embroidery Machine Factory to develop a full computer socks machine. In the second year, the production of all-computer socks machine samples has approached the international advanced level, and the price is only one-tenth of the price of the international same-grade socks machine.

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