Machine Structure Can Be Divided Into The Following Parts

Machine structure can be divided into the following parts

(1) the transmission part: there are fast drive wheel, slow drive wheel, switch wheel, etc.. 


(2) control part: push plate, disc, chain plate, large support plate, small support plate, clutch, etc..

(3): knitting needles, braided river delta, uppicker, needle, scissors.   

 (4) to the yarn pulling part: supporting frame, yarn tension device, yarn shuttle etc..


(5) color part: needle roller, needle plate, sheet, Slyder jacquard, jacquard yarn guide etc..

 (6) density adjusting part: total density adjusting screw, density adjusting frame etc.. 

4, the 4.characteristics of hosiery machine

(1) socks of weaving: socks, some advance on rib knitting machine woven socks, after a start Fu needle weaving; some are in the

Hosiery machine directly from the mouth of woven socks.   

(2) toe, heel woven socks weaving and characteristics: weaving socks with roughly the same, when the heel began to weave, 

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