How To Operate A Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

Computerized Flat Knitting Machine system and hardware maintenance

First, the head plate 1-15V (F1) and 1-2V (F5).2-24V fuse failure (F6)?

1. The needle selector or the needle selection plate is short circuited.

2. The electromagnet of the head is short circuited.

Two; progress board 24V fuse failure (F3)?

1. The motor board is damaged or the motor is short circuited.

Three; main board 24V fuse failure (F4)?

1, use universal meter to check whether the color changing electromagnet is damaged or short circuited.

2. Replace the main board.

Four; the head board CPU failure?

1, check whether the 5V power supply or the head signal line is normal.

2. The program has problems and initializes the system parameters.

Five; main board 12V fuse failure (F2). And 24V fuse failure (F3)?

1, check the voltage of +12V +24V with universal meter.

2, check whether the interface circuit has short circuit,

3, replace the fuse and replace the main control board.

Six; the host is dead?

1, too many patterns or unplug UPS power to restart.

Seven; the head board receives the extended flushing memory spillover?

1. The signal line of the head is normal. Or change the CPU board.

2, computer program problems, shut down for 3 minutes,

Eight; chip sending data error and CNA communication error?

1. Check whether the plug of the signal cord is loose and replace the head line.

2. Check whether the head of the CPU is normal.

3, check whether the 5V power is normal or whether there is a problem with the main control panel.

Nine; the malfunction of the degree motor?

1. Check whether the resistance of the motor is normal (>15@) with a universal meter.

2. Check the motor connecting line with universal meter.

3, replace the single board and test inductor signal is normal.

Ten; the raw motor malfunction?

1. Check whether Sheng Ke motor and its connecting line are connected properly.

2, check the zero - position induction signal, and replace the main board.

Eleven; the main motor and the rocking machine are not ready for signal.

1, check whether the server has a fault code.

2. Check the server control line.

3. Replace the interface board and the server.

Twelve; the motor of the rocking machine is over time?

1. Check whether the server is energized and locked.

2. The motor has failed when the server is not locked.

3, check whether there is any problem with the server control line and change the interface board.

Thirteen; data processing wrong?

1. Check whether there is a problem with the flower type.

2, formatting the U disk to retype the flower type.

Fourteen; the error of the chain data check, the CF card wrong.

1. Replace the CF card and replace the main control board.

Fifteen; the backup power supply is abnormal automatically?

1, check the UPS to the main board signal line and check whether the zero fire line is reversed.

2. Replace UPS or main control board.

Sixteen; head crash needle?

1. Whether the triangle is firing pin and whether the triangle position is smooth or not.

Seventeen; the needle and the knitting needle?

1, check whether the pull force is too large, check the zero position of the rocking machine.

2, whether the needle selector works normally and the speed of the shaking table is too fast.

3. Check whether the brush and needle are normal.

4. It's too big and too loose.

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