How To Make Socks Machine

How to make socks machine

The sock machine is a knitting machine that produces socks. The main feature of the sock machine is the two-way woven bag-like heel and toe. The sock machine is mainly composed of a yarn feeding mechanism, a knitting mechanism, a needle selection mechanism, a control mechanism, a transmission mechanism, a density adjustment mechanism and a pulling mechanism. The function of the weaving mechanism is to weave the yarn into a tubular sock blank by working through the looping mechanism. The main looping parts are knitting needles, sinkers, bottom corners and jacquard needles. The knitting needle is woven in the cylinder up and down, and the jacquard needle is placed under the needle to pick up the needle when needed.

When the existing hosiery machine is woven, the knitting needle can only move along the upper end surface of the middle steel ring. When the hosiery or the toe is woven, a plurality of adjacent knitting needles are moved back and forth in a local position of the middle steel ring for knitting. Since the jacquard needle can only move along the lower end surface of the middle steel ring, the height of the jacquard needle lifted by the needle selector is limited, and the heights of the adjacent jacquard needles are not much different, so the adjacent knitting needles are jacked up. The height of the woven socks or the toe of the sock can only be woven with the same color of the thread, so the existing hosiery machine woven socks or socks can not be separated, can not meet the consumption Diversified needs of the people

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