How To Choose A Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

How to choose a computerized flat knitting machine

The first trick: look at the nose

The machine head is the heart of mechanical operation. The machine head components such as the needle selector, triangle, electromagnet and degree mesh drive the knitting needles to work. The core of the machine head is the triangular bottom plate. Proper selection of the triangular plate can increase the lifting speed and frequency of the starting cam, reduce the damage rate of the knitting needles, and also broaden the adjustable range of fabric density and improve the knitting quality of the fabric. . At present, domestic triangular production enterprises are subject to technical limitations such as materials, heat treatment, cryogenic treatment, and manufacturing, and it is difficult to compete with imported equipment. If the triangular base plate is not tough enough or the craftsmanship does not meet the standard, it will cause problems such as firing pins, fabric deformation, and serious mechanical Wear, deformation, and blackening.

The second trick: look at the system

The computer system should be the brain of the entire machine. It is conceivable that this metaphor shows the importance of the computer. If the computer is unstable, it must be a shame that affects the output and quality of sweaters. All movements, patterns, speed, and density must be controlled by the computer. The selection of the computer cannot be sloppy. I have personally seen some computers doing the machine. The head and the shaker are flying, the yarn feeder is messed up, the characters are loose after moving the needle a few times, the machine crashes, and the running around is horrible!

The third trick: look at the needle board

The needle plate should be regarded as the torso of the computerized flat knitting machine. It is also limited by materials, heat treatment, technology, manufacturing and other technologies. The poor selection of the needle plate will cause rough fabrics, plate wear, firing pins, and even blackening and ulceration of the needle plate. . If the fabric is not well-knitted, the stitches will go wrong. At present, the best reputation in China is the needle plates manufactured in Wenzhou Baixin and Changshu.

Fourth trick: look at the knitting needles

The knitting needle is the finger of a computerized flat knitting machine. The warp and weft knitting of the yarn depends on it. In addition to the material toughness of the knitting needle, the design and precision of the needle hook and tongue of the needle are also very different.

The fifth trick: look at the service

Mechatronics machinery and equipment will inevitably have problems. Stoll should be one of the better equipment in the industry, but it will also experience common failures such as crashes, frequent failures of the traction system, and damage to the scissors, so no matter what machine is " "The Golden Bell", there must be times when it is bad.

Sixth trick: look at the background

This is very important. There are two types of computerized flat knitting knitting companies: one type is a manufacturer of needle and spinning machinery and equipment; the other type was previously changed to another industry. I have heard that there are construction companies and advertising companies in this industry. It’s not that those who switch jobs are not good at making equipment, but it’s like a mountain. Most companies that switch to computerized flat knitting machines copy equipment from other manufacturers and take others. The drawings were revised from the east to the west, and changed to four different images.

Seventh trick: look at the version-making software

There are many types of pattern-making software, the most commonly used ones are: Rui Neng, Hengqiang, and M1. The functions of pattern-making software are basically the same. It mainly depends on which pattern-making software in this industry is used by many people. According to my understanding, the pattern-making software of Rui Neng and Hengqiang has a large market share in the domestic market. It is not difficult to recruit such pattern-making masters. Big, more people.

The eighth trick: look at the employment penetration rate

It is not advisable for a sweater factory to rely excessively on the after-sales service of a computerized flat knitting machine manufacturer without cultivating its own machine repair team, because the after-sales service team of a computerized flat knitting machine manufacturer cannot stay in the sweater factory forever.

Ninth trick: choose the model, just suitable

Whether it is suitable for your own production requirements, such as whether the goods are thick or fine needles, you must consider dual systems for thick needles, because there are many patterns that can be made, and the efficiency is high, the efficiency of a single system is basically incomparable. If it is a fine needle, it can be compared in many ways. It is single-sided or twisted. The pattern does not need too much, and the single system is considered for running volume. If the funds are not too tight, it is recommended to use the dual system, the price is similar. From the perspective of long-term development and actual benefits, dual systems are still relatively advantageous.