How To Adjust The Speed Of Weihuan 6F Hosiery Machine

How to adjust the speed of Weihuan 6F hosiery machine

Adjust the speed inside the chain

Socks machine classification:

The sock machine can be classified in the form of a needle bed, the type of needle and the number of syringes (beds). The flat socks machine has a higher machine number, and produces flat-length socks that change the width of each section according to the shape of the legs and legs, and are stitched to form a seamed socks. The range of the sock machine is relatively wide. The production of tubular sock blanks is made by changing the coil size of each section, or by using elastic yarns, or weaving forming socks, socks and the like to adapt to the tubular shape of the foot. The machine for stocking hosiery is inefficient, and the sock machine is widely used. The sock machine structure sock machine is mainly composed of a yarn feeding mechanism, a knitting mechanism, a needle selection mechanism, a control mechanism, a transmission mechanism, a density adjustment mechanism and a pulling mechanism. Some socks machines also have a mouth and a folding mechanism. The flat socks machine still has a transfer mechanism.

The function of the yarn feeding mechanism is to take the yarn out of the bobbin and feed it into the weaving area, which has two types: negative and positive. Negative yarn feeding is caused by tension to pull the yarn out of the bobbin. Although the tensioner and the tension compensating device control the tension and the amount of the yarn, the yarn tension difference is still large. The active yarn is fed by a special device to feed the yarn into the weaving zone at a constant linear velocity with a small difference in yarn tension.

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