How Does The Fully Automatic Computer Sock Machine Work?

How does the fully automatic computer sock machine work?

The working principle of computer socks machine

The servo motor drive 1:3 gear driven by a belt knitting needle barrel circular rotation movement, speed up to 333RPM (the highest 1000RPM, servo) needle lift motion needle barrel by a stepping motor to complete.

The motion process is set by the controller: speed, needle barrel according to the set speed clockwise beat stockings heel started, then beat forward 3/4 weeks 3/4 weeks of rapid reversal reverse alternating movement, with action to slow after the end of fixed direction.

Speed feedback: the output speed of the motor is judged by the output signal of the feedback cycle. The output of the cycle is set to 2500pulse, and the actual speed of the motor displayed by the controller is basically consistent with the given speed.

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