Hosiery Machines Need To Abide By This Code In Their Use.

If the hosiery loom wants to give full play to its proper use effect in the actual application process, and can better ensure the safety of employees'operation, then it must abide by some rules of use in the use process, so as to achieve the desired use effect. Here's a detailed introduction to the code to be observed in the use of hosiery machines:

Setting people, fixing machines and voucher operations. In fact, in the process of equipment application, whether it is a hosiery loom, or other types of mechanical equipment, in the process of its use need to comply with the appointment, machine and voucher operation system, so as to better ensure the normal operation of equipment, prevent equipment from abnormal damage, improve the safety of staff use.

Handover system. We also know that in the process of continuous production of equipment, it is not allowed to shut down in the middle of the process, so the use of the process can be implemented in the shift system, which can better ensure the effectiveness of staff operations and safety, it is necessary to pay attention to the shift must be in the operation of equipment problems, active. Inform the staff and record them in detail.

In short, as long as the hosiery loom in the use of the process to comply with the above-mentioned several aspects of the code, then its use of safety is bound to be guaranteed.

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