Employees Need To Do These Jobs Before Using Hosiery Machines.

As the hosiery loom is a kind of mechanical equipment products, so it is in the use of the process there are certain security risks, so in order to ensure the safety of the equipment in use, and to protect the personal safety of operating staff, it is required that its responsible for the operation of the staff before its formal use to do a good job. The following works:

First of all, the staff before the formal use of the hosiery machine must check the power supply of its equipment to see if it is in the state of switching on, whether the safety grounding device is installed, only to ensure that it is in a good state of immediate use can be used immediately.

Secondly, the staff also need to examine the bearing parts and the exposed parts of the hosiery machine in detail, to see if it is in good use, whether some bearing parts need to add lubricants, if problems are found to be solved in time, so that it can better ensure the effect of its use.

Finally, in addition to the aforementioned aspects, employees in the formal operation of the hosiery loom before the need to do a good job of relevant security devices, so as to better ensure the safety of equipment use.

The above said is that the staff in the use of hosiery machine before the need to do some preparation, hoping to better help the user to operate

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