Working principle

Jacquard pattern plate set on the cylinder, each woven weft over a plate, cylinder transverse needle leans at a time. When the holes are on the plate, transverse needle tip into the lines and cylinder hole, so hook end of the straight needle is still hanging on the knife. When the knife up, straight and followed up by first-line hooks and harness cord driving heddle promotion, put into the eye at this time warp with promotion, formed the shed top. Heddle CSSA hanging hammers under the ring, in the shed closed, recovered fully action relies on its weight. When the panels without holes, cross stitch back through the head, promote direct and direct hook end from the knife, connected with a straight pin heddle and jingsi do not improve, sank below, formed the shed below. Each movement is based on the panels of the warp hole or not to decide, holes in the panels are based on patterns and organizational design rolling into, warp is consistent with patterns of movement and organization requirements.