What is the characteristic of a single-needle circular sock machine?

What is the characteristic of a single-needle circular sock machine?

Circular socks machine features two-way woven bag-shaped socks and socks. The method of weaving socks is the same as that of sock heads. It is done by pickers and needles. When socks begin to knit, the sock knitting needles are stopped. At this time, the needle cylinder turns into two-way rotation, and the left and right needle pickers alternately enter the work. When the needle picks up the needle picker, the picker picks up a needle. Above the upper triangle, it was taken out of work. This was the closing process. After a certain number of stitches have been received, the needle picker enters the work, so that the knitting needles that pick up and leave the work are gradually involved in knitting. This is the process of releasing the needles. When the needle is released, each time the needle is lowered, the needle picker still provokes a needle, so that the number of knitting needles participating in the work gradually increases. After the needle is released, the socks are formed. Socks can also be knitted by the above method, but the closure of the sock head can be stitched in a special process, and can also be directly stitched on the sock machine. Other methods such as kinking and hot melting can also be used.

When weaving certain long and middle stockings, a sock hook is placed in the disk groove above the needle cylinder, and the hook of the sock is moved radially in and out. The front coil is hooked by the front hook and is retracted. When the coil is hidden, when a single layer of stockings is knitted to a sufficient length and folded into a desired double layer, the hook of the hosiery is moved forward and the starting coil is transferred to the latch needle to fold the double sock. The movement of the knitting needles at the beginning and at the end of the fold is accomplished by another triangle system.

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