What is a single syringe round hosiery machine?

What is a single syringe round hosiery machine?

A sock machine that knits long, medium and short stockings and pantyhose. It can produce socks in various tissues such as plain stitches, plating, tucking, jacquard, terry and cross bars. The main ring machines include tongue needles, sinkers, foot plates and jacquard pieces. Acupuncture needles have long, medium and short points. Generally long and short needles are arranged on the half circle of the cylinder. The latch needle is woven up and down in the barrel slot. The sinker is located between the latch needles for radial entry and exit. The function of the sinker is to hold the coils when they are unthreaded, and pull the coils after the loops are formed. When looping, the length of the coil is determined by the distance of the needle from the plane above the sinker. The foot plate can transmit the motion to the latch needle, and the jacquard blade has multiple stages of teeth, so that the needle can be selected. After the needle is selected, the latch needle runs according to different routes to determine whether to participate in knitting, so that the needle can be woven in one-way or two-way rotation. The jacquard triangle acts on the lap of the jacquard piece, allowing the latch needle to rise to the relief height, passing over the right curved gauze triangle, pressing down the upper triangular triangle, feeding the yarn, and then descending along the left curved gauze triangle The new coil, take off the old coil, rise along the panel, and finally form the coil. If the jacquard piece is pushed into the slot of the needle cylinder by the needle selecting mechanism, then the jacquard triangle does not rise, and the latch needle is operated at a lower position. At this time, the yarn is not lapped or looped.

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