Wei Huanquan computer hosiery machine has several acceleration

Wei Huanquan computer hosiery machine has several acceleration

Reinstall system required. There are many ways to install a computer.

1, install the hard disk boot or restart: press F11 button or F8 button, to see if there is no installation of a key GHOST or similar software, there is a choice of press enter, enter a key to restore the operation interface, and then select "restore" can be determined. If you have just had a one - click backup before you installed it, you can revert to the state of the backup. In addition, if you can now enter the system or boot press F8 to enter the command line mode, search the WINDOWS version or DOS version of the GHOST.exe program and the GHO system files, and then manually run the GHOST program GHO file loading system can reinstall the system.

2, U disk installation: if there is no key to restore, then use the system U disk reinstall the system. Start the U disk production and U disk reinstall the system steps for:

(1): making U disk boot to the store to buy a capacity of more than 8G U disk, Internet search and download the old peach or cabbage etc. U disk boot making tool, the U disk into the computer to run this software into U disk boot, and then to the home system or similar site to download WINXP or WIN7 operating system the GHO file is copied to the U disk or U disk boot tool specified folder and rename as required. You can also search the Internet to download ISO system image files (including GHO system files or complete system installation files), and release them to the U disk via UltraISO and other tools to make the U disk containing the system boot.

(2): U disk boot boot press DEL (notebook is generally F2 or other) to enter the BIOS settings interface, enter the BOOT Settings tab USB disk as the first boot item (Note: at this time need to insert U disk identification can be set according to the part of the computer), F10 save and exit restart. Some of the new motherboards support boot, and even press F12 or F11 to enter the startup options menu, you can not enter the CMOS interface, select the U disk directly or other required startup items to start the computer.

(3) U disk to reinstall the system: insert U disk to start the computer, after entering the U disk function menu, select "Install", the first system to the hard disk partition enter the prompts, the computer will automatically run the GHOST software and automatically search GHO files on the U disk to install the clone C area, the whole process is not the need for manual intervention, until finally entering the desktop.

3, CD installation: computer use CD to reinstall the system, the steps are as follows:

(1) prepare the system CD: if you do not have to go to the computer store to buy, you need to install what system, buy what the latest version of the system cd. If you have a CD-ROM drive, you can also download your own ISO system files on the Internet and burn it into a system disk.

(2) set the CD-ROM boot: boot press DEL (notebook is generally F2 or according to the bottom of the screen prompt hotkey) into the CMOS, and CD-ROM set in the BOOT tab (CD-ROM or DVD-ROM) for the first start, and then press F10 to save and exit restart. When you restart your computer, insert the system disk into the drive.

(3) cloning system: installation CD-ROM to start after the success will display the function menu, then select the menu "will be installed to C cloning system", enter, the computer will automatically run the GHOST software to automatically load the GHO file to install clone C, the whole process without human intervention, until finally entering the system desktop.

Note: in the installation system is completed, install security software such as 360 security guards and 360 anti-virus or other security software Kingsoft and the like, are completely killing Trojans, viruses, call again, install system patches commonly used software, and download the installer using a tool for system backup, to prepare for possible period of want or need.

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