The operation method of hosiery machine​

The operation method of hosiery machine

A machine operation machine 

1.. This model is suitable for the production and understanding of two kinds of plain terry socks, each row and the main export to six, the normal socks in each class of each machine can produce 150 pairs of output, as double screw, single screw with Y and a variety of styles, a suction device, each end automatic socks fall. Automatic oil supply, with socks count and control function, can show the output per shift. The machine has six mouth, seen from the front of the machine, from left to right, divided into the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth also known as the main export. There are 8 shuttle main port, from right to left is called No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, No. 6, No. 7, No. 8 shuttle, the other side of each port has 3 port shuttle, from left to right say no. 1, No. 2 and No. 3, the main export 1 No. 2 shuttle generally wear cotton, used in making socks veil, No. 3 shuttle general for head line No. 4, often wear nylon for hanging line, 5 shuttle generally wear cotton yarn for head with a veil, 6 shuttle generally used to do wear spandex socks bottom yarn, No. 7, No. 8 shuttle often wear nylon or spandex rib for the bottom line. 2. machine operation panel operation panel on the right has three buttons, respectively, stop button, start button and move the button, the machine stop in the state, click the move button, the machine will "move, rotate speed is controlled by the L icon on the panel in the stop mode, press start button, the machine running. In the running of the machine, press the stop button and the machine stops running. On panel, F1, F2, F3, F4 are functional keys, and functions differently in different states. In working condition. F1 is the speed limit button. Press 120 and press F1. The machine runs no more than 120 rpm. F2 stops the chain and indicates that the machine does not execute the steps of the flat chain and the pattern, and runs in the first step. F3 is the end stop key indicating that the machine stops automatically after one sock is finished. F4 has no effect. In addition, there are 26 English word lines and 10 numeric keys on the panel. For other operations. There are also three function buttons on the left, and the upper left is the edit or work status conversion key. The left center is the brightness increase key of the display screen, the next is the brightness reduction button of the display screen, and the lower left is the background light key. Change sock size: how many sizes are produced? Press nS. Adjust the sock tightness: press the R key, if you modify the value, press 9999E, then move the cursor, the value from 0 to 199, the smaller the value, the more tight the socks, the greater the value, the more loose socks. Press the V key, turn back, press the W key, turn up the page, modify the loop, triangle and elastic, operate the same as above, modify the width of the rubber band, ditto. Set the machine zero: shake the first No. 1 needle to the right side of the machine, press the needle at the side of the triangle, press F4+S, press S, F1, quit and save. The panel icon instructions (see Appendix 3 manual) 3. input and output the zero state in the machine, the right key early on the panel, now according to the angle conversion button on the left, into the state machine programming. In this state, the machine can type and program input and output operations, in addition to machine parts testing, programming, modify the MTR, change the language of the machine and display, and so on. The flower type from a floppy disk loaded into the machine, press the L key to enter the disk management program, and then press D to read the disk, use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the left of the directory, select the program or pattern to load the name and click L button, sure. The pattern is saved from the machine to the floppy disk

Press the L key to enter the disk manager, move the cursor, select the program or flower to save, and press the S key. If you want to change the name, save, press the R key to confirm. Transfer the program from the machine to the production state: press F4+C, move the cursor, select the name, and press the L key to determine. Transfer the pattern from the machine to the production status: press F4+D, move the cursor, select the name, and press the L key to determine. Delete redundant programs or patterns in the machine. When more than 100 programs or patterns are in the machine, the machine does not show the name of the program or flower. Or more than the machine memory storage, you need to delete redundant programs or patterns. Press the L key, move the cursor, select the program or flower name to be deleted, press the E key to confirm. 4. rules to keep the machinery in good running condition, careful and regular operation requires not only tender, also need careful maintenance and maintenance work on time. Tender procedures (see Appendix 1) preservation work procedures (see Appendix 2) 5. other operating modifying machine MTR machine test pattern file editing program and fixed needle selection operation machine operation refer to machine operation manual. (Appendix 3) explanation of 6. common faults (1) upper part stop: the top yarn on the creel is hung off. (2) stop at the middle part: the yarn in the creel is fallen from the induction wire. (3) disc stop: creel, disc, yarn, induction wire fall. (4) rubber yarn stop: rubber yarn falling or breaking. (5) pick the first stop: wire head and spandex yarn or too loose or broken. (6) stop the cutting board: the yarn is wrapped around the scissors. (7) the tongue latch stops: the broken bottom line or other reasons lead to the tongue tongue turn over and stop. (8) the stop of the needle: the pin is broken.

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