The hosiery machine must be equipped with qualified personnel

The hosiery machine must be equipped with qualified personnel

For hosiery, if it is to be able to fully play its due performance characteristics in the course of the practical application, to use user satisfaction, so in the process of use must be equipped with qualified personnel, so as to better ensure the safety of equipment operation. The following is a brief introduction to the reasons:

1. due to mechanical equipment of science and technology, hosiery machine is also the case, and with the continuous progress of science and technology, equipment is also increasingly modernized, its structure and principle are also increasingly complex, so it must has a certain level of technology and equipment structure property work operation, this equipment can better the play should be used in the practical application of the process.

2. in addition to the reasons mentioned above, due to the type of hosiery in the market are also more, and different types of equipment, its performance and accuracy, using range and working conditions and other aspects there is a certain gap, so in its use must arrange the corresponding work and competence in the operation, this will be a better operation of equipment.

Only from some brief descriptions mentioned above can be seen, the qualified operator has a very important role in the effect of the use of hosiery machine.

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