Large single-sided Jacquard circular knitting machine

Large single Jacquard circular knitting machine known as Jacquard circular knitting machine, as it is to design artificial good floppy into your computer, enter the program can weave, also known as the fool circle. The machine used computer program for weaving needle select for woven, and not woven and set circle, has two work bit (into circle and floating line, and into circle and set circle) and three work bit (way can while woven, and set circle and floating line) of points, used to woven production large pattern of knitting fabric, and can transform yarn color, has four species color, and five species color, and six species color and eight species color of each other transform of, has large Jacquard single, and Jacquard hair circle, and Jacquard Wei clothing, and moved circle, playing type Jacquard machine.

Computerized Jacquard circular knitting machine significantly shortens the design cycle, is the circular knitting machine product cost reduction, product quality is greatly improved, which is to enhance economic and social benefits, as well as increased competitiveness and adaptability of enterprises.