How to repair sock machine

How to repair sock machine

It all started with the blocker and was familiar with the operation of the machine. Sock machines are divided into two categories: single needle and double needle. The single needle is generally controlled by a computer. There are various national versions, so you must be familiar with the function and method of each button and learn to draw flower patterns. The double needle is mainly a semi-computer, mainly to change the needle, the other is relatively simple

Different knitting methods, knitted fabrics can be divided into: 7a686964616fe59b9ee7ad9431333337616537 weft knitting, warp knitting, warp and weft composite knitting

The knitting production process is short, the raw material has strong applicability, the product is used in a wide range, the needle strength machine has high production efficiency, low labor intensity, low machine noise, and small footprint

The loop is the basic structural unit of the knitted fabric

Coil composition: coil post, needle braided arc, settling arc

The main physical and mechanical indicators of knitted fabrics: loop length, density, underfill coefficient, thickness, looseness, hemming

According to the type of needle, it can be divided into crochet machine, tongue machine, compound machine

The main points of the knitting machine are: thread feeding or let-off mechanism, knitting mechanism, pulling and winding mechanism, transmission mechanism and auxiliary mechanism

Auxiliary devices include: pattern mechanism, automatic control mechanism, automatic fueling device, cleaning and dust removal device, various self-stop devices, counting device, etc.

Types of knitted fabrics: original structure, change structure, pattern structure

Weft plain needle tissue

Double rib tissue commonly known as: cotton wool tissue

The method of representing the structure of weft knitting, generally includes: structural drawing, artisan drawing, weaving drawing

The structural unit of jacquard is composed of coils and floats