How to maintain and repair the hosiery machine

How to maintain and repair the hosiery machine

I started with the driver and I am familiar with the operation of the machine. The sock machine is divided into two types of single needle and double needle. The single needle is generally full of computer control in various national versions, so be familiar with the function and method of each button, and learn to draw the flower shape. The double needle is mainly semi-computer, mainly the needle change, other relatively simple

Different weaving methods, knitted fabrics can be divided into: weft knitting, warp knitting, warp and weft composite

The knitting production process is short, the material has strong applicability, the product has a wide range of use, the needle strong machine has high production efficiency, low labor intensity, low machine noise and small floor space.

The coil is the basic structural unit constituting the knitted fabric

Coil composition: circle, needle arc, sinker

The main physical and mechanical indicators of knitted fabrics: coil length, density, underfill coefficient, thickness, dispersibility, curling

According to the type of needle, it can be divided into crochet machine, tongue needle machine and compound needle machine.

The knitting machine should be composed of: a wire or a feeding mechanism, a weaving mechanism, a pulling and winding mechanism, a transmission mechanism and an auxiliary mechanism.

Auxiliary devices include: flower type mechanism, automatic control mechanism, automatic fueling device, cleaning dust removal device, various self-stop devices, counting devices, etc.

Type of knitted fabric: original tissue, changing organization, flower color organization

Flat needle tissue

Double rib structure commonly known as: cotton wool tissue

The method of representing the structure of the weft-knitted fabric generally includes: a structure diagram, an artwork diagram, a weaving diagram

Jacquard organization whose structural unit consists of coils and floats

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