How does a fully automatic computer sock machine work

How does a fully automatic computer sock machine work?

Computer socks machine works

The servo motor drives the sock machine barrel through the belt to drive the barrel of the sock machine to make a circular rotation. The speed requirement is up to 333 RPM (up to 1000 RPM for the servo). The needle lifting operation of the barrel is accomplished by a stepping motor.

Motion flow: the speed is set by the controller, the barrel rotates the sock tube clockwise at the set speed, and then the sock starts to rotate forward and reverse rotation is performed three quarters of a week. After the exercise, take a slow motion and make a directional movement.

  Speed feedback: Determine the actual speed of the motor by sending back the signal output by the sub-cycle. The sub-cycle output is set to 2500 pulses. The actual speed of the motor displayed by the controller is basically the same as the given speed.

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